• Highway Code changes

    sound+fury // 1 thread

    A bill is being put forward to sentence any cyclist convicted of dangerous cycling to a 14 year prison term.

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  • DfT Policy Paper - Inclusive Transport Strategy

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Lots of interesting stuff about inclusive transport regarding trains, buses, cars, public realm, streets and yes a bit about cycling too. Quotes:

    Shared Space:

    8.11 While we consider CIHT and DPTAC’s recommendations and how to take them
    forward, we are requesting that local authorities pause any shared space schemes
    incorporating a level surface they are considering, and which are at the design stage.
    We are also temporarily suspending Local Transport Note 1/11. This pause will allow
    us to carry out research and produce updated guidance.

    Objectives regarding Cycling:

    • Update Local Transport Note 2/08, which sets out the Department’s guidance to
    local authorities on designing safe and inclusive infrastructure for cyclists, to take
    account of developments in cycling infrastructure since its publication in 2008 and
    the responses to the draft AAP consultation and publish a revised version by early
    • By 2020, explore the feasibility of amending legislation to recognise the use of
    cycles as a mobility aid71 in order to increase the number of disabled people

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  • Add cycle-specific traffic lights at Victoria Bridge Road/Brougham Hayes junction

    Created by t1mmyb // 0 threads

    Cycling south from Victoria Bridge Road to Brougham Hayes either involves a multi-stage walk across the pedestrian crossings at the junction, or, more riskily, cycling across the junction between traffic light phases on the other arms of the junction.

    The exit from Victoria Bridge Road could have its own traffic light phase instead.

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  • Cycle route not obvious from road

    Created by ambrosen // 0 threads

    Turning right, eastbound from Weston Road to Victoria Park the cycle path (marked as a footpath on the map above, but signed in roundels once in the park) is not marked at all from the road.

    A pointer showing the existence of the path would be great. Even better would be a turn refuge from the centre of Weston Road.

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  • Joining Bath Spa Uni with Bristol-Bath Railway Path

    Created by ambrosen // 1 thread

    For additional commuter access to the Newton Park campus of Bath Spa uni, does anyone have any ideas about upgrading the footpath over the field from route 4, under the railway to the new path on the A4, linking up with the university.

    I realise that for westbound commuters, this duplicates the route which took some effort to get made on the A4, and that it needs a new right of way to be made/purchased/recovered from the historic record, but it looks like a good link.

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  • Calton Gardens / Holloway

    Created by Mark A // 1 thread

    A dropped kerb at this point would improve the route that people can take to cycle between Bear Flat and the city centre - making it easier to use Calton Gardens to avoid the section of footpath on the alternative via Holloway and St Marks Church.

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  • High motor traffic area of Sustrans Route 4

    Created by ambrosen // 1 thread

    Sustrans route 4 coming from the canal path on its main route into Bath city centre has a high level of traffic conflict and the need to filter between two tight lanes of traffic with a large proportion of LGVs coming down the A36 Beckford Road.

    The right turn from Sydney Place southbound into Great Pulteney Street is signposted as no right turn as well as being route 4, and has no refuge to turn from.

    It should be possible to route the path through Sydney Gardens as the Darlington Place/Sydney Place westbound/Great Pulteney Street junction has been improved to increase pedestrian flows.

    Some non-cycling residents are also concerned about cyclists using the pavement in this area too.

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  • Ramped access to Victoria Bridge from riverside path

    Created by t1mmyb // 0 threads

    There has been stepped access from the riverside to Victoria Bridge for years, possibly since the bridge's construction.

    Victoria Bridge is currently closed pending refurbishment/reconstruction due to its dilapidated and dangerous condition; there may be S106 money available from the developers of the adjacent Western Riverside housing development. It's crucial to write to local councillors expressing the community's desire to have the bridge access not merely restored, but enhanced, for the benefit of cyclists, pedestrians and less-able users of the bridge and riverside.

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